Collabor offers a full function Collaboration Platform that can help you inform, engage and service enterprise people centric workflows – like candidates, employees and customers.

The Platform combines role based operating engines, an easy to use admin panel, add-on collaborative applications and a rich set of API’s to create a web and mobile application development and deployment platform. Our Platform is perfect for creating new collaboration solution or for extending existing applications with no change in existing workflows or code.

Collabor Platform is available as Public Cloud (On-demand) and Private Cloud (On-premise).


Cloud based solutions

  • Collabor Platform is
    available as :
  • Public Cloud (On-demand)
  • Private Cloud (On-premise)
  • It comes packaged with services,
    software, and cloud hosting
    infrastructure, support & upgrades

Modular Functionality

  • An impressive set of functional
    modules to choose and
    apply to your business.
  • Each module is configure-able and
    calibrate - able to suit your
    business workflow and rules.

Role based view

  • Create multiple user types and assign
    rights and privileges to each user type.
  • Create hundreds or thousands or
    even millions of users.

Accessible from web & mobile devices

  • A Platform implementation is accessible from the web, smartphones & tablets across all platforms.


  • Platform implementations are
    hosted on SAS 70 certified servers.
  • Hosting infrastructure is
    compliant with standards like HIPAA,
    HL7, PCI, etc.


  • Platform API allows integration with third party commercial software and with most homegrown applications.

Operating Engines

  • Built-in operating engines manage login & authentication, business rules, business workflows, rights & privileges, content management, activity tracking, recommendation engine and reporting.


  • Platform has pre-built social media hooks that allow integration with popular networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other current technologies.

Extending Collaboration

  • eLearning, eCommerce, Gaming and Internationalization allow the Platform to be extended into areas where traditional collaboration systems never venture.