For mobile apps, hybrid apps & much more

Enterprises have spent decades perfecting their web strategy, building their web applications, fine tuning their web security and investing in their web infrastructure. And now, here is the mobile world. Are we going to do this all over again? Or can we be smarter? Well, let’s be smarter.

Work 2Go can build mobile apps for any smartphone and tablet platform. Work 2Go can also convert any web asset – applications, sites, SaaS products into a mobile app. The implications of this are enormous:


  • Rapid deployment of enterprise web applications to mobile phones.
  • Applications can be customized for look & feel. Mobile rendering can also be customized to maximize mobile display effectiveness.
  • Work 2Go allows enterprises to drive one unified “mobile strategy” instead of having to adhere to every vendor’s individual approach to mobility.
  • Work 2Go works with homegrown and commercial software/ERP systems.
  • Work 2Go automatically renders each application correctly for every relevant smartphone, mobile browser and mobile OS.
  • Work 2Go extends your existing web standards to mobile. Hence is more secure & scalable, while requiring no duplication of code, database, infrastructure, business processes, etc.
Work 2Go is available as Public Cloud (On-demand) and Private Cloud (On-premise).
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