We love this infographic by Central Desktop identifying and tagging the types of collaborators in an enterprise. It was published a few years ago – but always relevant. Which type are you ?

A very interesting (and an year old) collection of stats from Buzz Builder Lead Generation Software that salespeople will find interesting, inspiring, depressing and generally informative

Recently, I had an interesting discussion with (let’s call him John) a Fortune 100 telecom company’s enterprise architect for their customer facing systems – you know CRM, Emails, and the like – and he had something interesting to say that really intrigued me. John said, their company had at least 18 different tools through which they

How companies get things wrong and how to fix them As customers, we are all constantly bombarded with solicitations by a variety of companies — at work and at home. It’s the credit card offer, the oil change, the pizza, cable tv, chinese takeout, etc. And at work, it is the relentless email and phone solicitation by

Tweaking technology sales teams to exploit the increasing speed of information sharing   This article was published in full on Medium. Please use this link to access the complete article.   CMO’s Best Friend is a blog series authored by Sandeep Kaujalgi, CEO of Collabor. The series is written from a customer perspective and focuses

It is the 9th of January, 2014 and many people are already breaking their New Year Resolutions. Reports illustrate that 25% of New Year’s resolutions are broken in the first week alone. One way to make sure you keep yours is to not make a resolution tied to start on a specific day, but instead to

The Healthcare.gov Apology

Tuesday, 22, October , 2013 by

When your customers have to apologize for you, there is no excuse CGI Federal, the general contractor for healthcare.gov as well as companies like Serco, Equifax and Development Seed have all been in the news as the brains behind the Healthcare.gov website. In its simplest form, the whole issue is a blundering nightmare. When you

CMO’s Best Friend 13: War & Peace

Tuesday, 27, August , 2013 by

At Collabor, we like to think Customer Management is made up of War & Peace.   Customer Acquistion is all WAR – You are fighting competition on ideas, price, timeframes, people, references, etc, etc. Very punishing, but highly rewarding. But war nonetheless. You have supported this effort with systems including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Campaigns,

CMO’s Best Friend 12: The lazy incumbent

Wednesday, 31, July , 2013 by

Price increases are a fact of life. All manner of vendors, suppliers, retailers and service providers are forever trying to increase their prices to existing customers. Today, price increases are sometimes even difficult to gauge – whether they are masked as fees for extras (think airlines, banks), or dynamic pricing based on demand (hotels, airlines again,

What have you done for your customers lately ? While many companies are busy thinking of raising prices on existing customers as the best way to “serve” those who have been loyal to them for a long time, today I come across a refreshing story from Blue Bites, the Jetblue blog about “Taking a Wedding Story

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